Our Lady Peace’s Raine Maida Supports Local Artists with Cannabis Line


Our Lady Peace vocalist Raine Maida recently announced that he is getting involved in the Canadian cannabis industry, with a role on the board of LOOP/POOL, a premium band of cannabis products.

LOOP/POOL is a fairly new brand of cannabis products that supports local struggling artists—a unique approach to a commercial cannabis venture. While LOOP represents premium cannabis products, POOL is a grant program with a goal to “support emerging artists and music not-for-profit organizations by funding and helping them bring their creative endeavors to life.”

The first wave of products will include pre-rolls, flower and gummy edibles—will be sold in cannabis stores across Canada. At least five percent of all proceeds will go to POOL’s grant programs for Canadian-based artists.

Our Lady Peace helped to define alternative rock, especially during the band’s heyday in the mid-1990s. Maida explained his new venture in an interview with Exclaim!.

“Being in the music business, cannabis has always been around me, but it was never really my thing,” Maida told Exclaim!. “I’ve had asthma since I was young, and, being a singer, I’ve always had to be hyper-conscious about lung health. The normalization and sophistication of cannabis products, especially on a medicinal basis, was a game-changer.”

“I use cannabis as a natural sleep aid,” he explains. “My touring and travel schedule has me constantly jumping between time zones and suffering from sleep deprivation, so the ability to use it to help get my cycle back in sync is key.”

Maida also performs in the duo Moon Vs. Sun with his wife Chantal Kreviazuk. He prefers cannabis edibles over flower, due to his ongoing battle with asthma. The indica strain Purple Nepal is his favorite choice. Stick around to see how Maida’s venture unfolds in the upcoming months.



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