Pineapple Express: Kushy Punch’s Strain-Specific Cartridges



  • Test Results: 76.13% THC
  • Tested By: CannaSafe Analytics |
  • Instagram: @getkushypunch
  • Twitter: @kushypunch
  • Website:

Pineapple Express Cartridge by Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch’s cartridges last up to 300 puffs or more and contain no harmful additives. Natural terpenes enhance the product’s flavor, and lab-testing by a third party ensures quality and consistency; the main ingredient used in their extraction process is pure sugarcane ethanol.

Their Pineapple Express cartridge produces superb tropical notes upon inhalation that stream through the mouthpiece and leaves a mild cloud of vapor upon exhale. I first taste the fruity, pungent aroma — clean and sweet — leaving behind a headrush of energy and a quickened heart rate. I am soon left with the usual euphoria, saddled with a burst of energy and clear, focused headspace. My creativity skyrocketed; this strain will leave you with the ability to work, whether it’s writing, playing music or any other creative medium of your choosing. My head was buzzing with thoughts, ideas and the ability to put them to use. Kushy Punch’s  Pineapple Express is a great way to begin an energetic day.

Pineapple Express Cartridge by Kushy Punch

Available At…

  1. The Pottery: 5042 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
  2. MedMen –Kearny Mesa: 5125 Convoy St #211, San Diego, CA 92111
  3. Blüm –Santa Ana : 2911 Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705


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