Pop-Up Potcorn: Perfect for Your Movie-Snacking Pleasure



  • Test Results: THC = 5mg per bag | CBD = 5mg per bag Other THC:CBD varieties available
  • Tested By: Anresco Laboratories | anresco.com
  • Instagram: @popuppotcorn
  • Website: popuppotcorn.com

Potcorn by Pop-Up Potcorn

I give a major shout-out to Pop-Up Potcorn for their innovation and creativity. Each microwavable bag comes ready to go — just pop the snack-sized mini-sack in the microwave and wait until the last of those kernels pop. I like my popcorn buttery and salty, and I’ll even take some pepper from time to time, but if you’re into light seasoning, Sea Salt Pop-Up Potcorn is ready to go as-is.

I started with their 5mg THC:5mg CBD bag and hit ‘play.’ Forty-five minutes in, I’m feeling comfy. The high isn’t heavy, making Pop-Up Potcorn a perfect choice if you get an edible hangover. Film night is on!

Pop-Up Potcorn

Available At…

  1. Barbary Coast Dispensary: 952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103
  2. All About Wellness: 1900 19th St., Sacramento, CA 95811
  3. Sol de Mendocino: 45110 Main St., Mendocino, CA 95460


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