PRODUCT REVIEW: E-Clipse Dry Herbal Vaporizer


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I have never had good luck with vaporizing flower. Over the course of my adult life as a cannabis consumer, I have tried three different vaporizing systems, none of which I will name here. I will say, however, that all three of them left me very disappointed. After the third one, I basically decided that I was never going to waste my money on an herbal vaporizer again.

I have had great luck with extract and concentrate vaporizers, and so that has been where I have made investments in the past. However, when New York Vape Shop, which sent me the Saber wax vape pen offered to send an herbal vaporizer, I figured it was worth a shot.

Trying the new E-Clipse Dry Herbal Vaporizer definitely made me reconsider my personal ban on herbal vaporizers. Believe it or not, this compact little unit packs a pretty powerful punch,. First of all, I enjoy the secure packaging. The nice box that the vaporizer comes in is sturdy enough to withstand damage to the unit while in transit in the mail and when you have it in storage.

Contents of the E-Clipse Vaporizor Box

The E-Clipse Vaporizor comes with a ceramic mouthpiece, a glass mouthpiece, and a handful of other small accessories.

Of course, you don’t buy a product like this for the packaging. You’re looking for function, not form. The E-Clipse device itself is sleek, and I particularly like the two interchangeable mouthpieces. The unit comes with a short ceramic mouthpiece and a longer, glass mouthpiece. I am not a fan of putting pieces of plastic or hot metal in my mouth. A glass straw or tube feels more natural after years of using glass pipes.

The device arrived with almost a full charge on the battery, so it was basically ready to go. It recharges in roughly three hours when you do need to re-up, and the manufacturer warns about overcharging. Like with the Saber Pen, you don’t want to leave this little vape device plugged in overnight.

Packing the bowl was simple enough. Your cannabis should be very finely ground before you put it in a vaporizer to maximize the effectivity of the ceramic heating chamber. I packed some cannabis in, but made sure that it was loose enough for adequate airflow.

Then all I had to do was push a little button five times, and the unit heated itself up to vaporizing temperature. You turn it off the same way, but it will also turn itself off after five minutes, which is a great safety feature for forgetful cannabis consumers.

I used the factory temperature setting, which was 375 degrees. The unit can heat your dried herbs to anywhere from 300 to 435 degrees. Within a few seconds, the unit was up to temperature. I could smell that cannabis scent wafting from the end of the mouthpiece before I even took a hit.

I was impressed with the quality of flavor of the old school Purps I was enjoying, as well as the speed of the unit’s heating element. It only required a couple of puffs for me to feel calm and relaxed. The unit worked for four vaporizing sessions before I had to plug it in to charge. The internal battery conveniently uses a micro USB port to charge, which means you can charge it anywhere.

My only complaint is that the means by which the device plugs in is somewhat awkward. It sticks out of the wall quite a bit, which means that it’s very easy to knock the unit out of the wall while it’s charging. Thankfully, it is a sturdy enough design that even my clumsy self knocking it to the floor repeatedly didn’t affect the performance.

Getting the spent herb out of the chamber could be a challenge, but they included a nice little brush, as well as some replacement “o” rings in the accessories box.

Overall, I was quite impressed with how compact, discreet and efficient those little herbal vaporizer was. It is meant to be handheld, which could pose an issue for people with arthritis or other issues that make holding onto the vaporizer painful. Its design doesn’t really allow for it to be set or propped up. You have to hold it and operate it by hand. For me, that wasn’t an issue, but it could be for some people.

Combine that with the fact that it was designed here in the United States, and I have no issue recommending this to our readers. If you want a way to vaporize fresh herb this is easily the best herbal vaporizer I’ve ever tried. Of course, it’s also the only one I’ve ever tried that actually did what it was supposed to do. That alone is a pretty high recommendation in an industry with very few regulations and oversights.

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