Recreational Cannabis Bill Filed in Wyoming, Among Other Bills


On March 4, House Bill 209, which would legalize recreational cannabis and set up a regulatory system, was filed in Wyoming. The bill would establish regulations for the cultivation, transport and sale of recreational cannabis. 

A fiscal note attached to the bill estimates that a recreational cannabis tax would generate about $49.5 million per year in revenue for state coffers. Of that sum, $30.7 million would be allocated to a school foundation program.

Like all other states with recreational cannabis, adults 21 and over could purchase cannabis. Buffer zones would be implemented around schools, jails and other sensitive areas. Retail outlets could sell up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis to customers, and growers could cultivate up to 150 plants.

Meanwhile, Fox 13 news reports that activists from the neighboring state of Utah mobilized to assemble and fight for a workable medical cannabis system in Wyoming. One medical cannabis bill was made public in the 2021 Wyoming State Legislature. House Bill 82, which is sponsored by Representative Bill Henderson, would launch a study on whether medical cannabis could be beneficial for the state.

“If I hadn’t gone through what I went through in Utah, I wouldn’t be showing up in Wyoming,” Christine Stenquist told FOX 13. “I was hoping to bring my experience what I learned in Utah to Wyoming and see if legislators and advocates can work together on a piece of legislation.”

So far, the bill has gained support from State Representatives Baker, Barlow, Brown, Burt, Connolly, Provenza, Romero-Martinez, Sweeney, Western, Yin, Zwonitzer, and State Senators Case and Rothfuss.

Finally, a third bill underway in the state—Senate File 90—would prohibit the use of smokable hemp in public. It would also prohibit the sale of smokable hemp to any Wyoming residents who are under the age of 21.


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