Seth Rogen Really Did See a Cirque du Soleil Show on Magic Mushrooms to Prepare for ‘Knocked Up’


Comedian Seth Rogen took method acting to the next level while filming the stoner comedy classic ‘Knocked Up’ back in 2007. While scouting locations for the infamous scene where Ben (Rogen) and Pete (Paul Rudd) watch a Cirque du Soleil show on magic mushrooms, Rogen scouted shows by going to Vegas and taking shrooms before hitting the theater.

“I was a producer on the movie, so the director Judd [Apatow] sent me and my partner Evan Goldberg to Las Vegas to scout all the Cirque du Soleil shows over the course of a weekend to pick which one would be best for the movie,” Rogen recalled in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “As responsible producers, we thought the only appropriate way to really know which one would be the best would be to do shrooms for two days straight and see every single Cirque du Soleil show that was on the strip at the time. Which we did. And it was amazing.”

That amazing experience caused a bit of anxiety when the time came to follow through on the scouting mission. To film the scene, Rogen had to get permission from the Cirque du Soleil folks to use their show in ‘Knocked Up’. And he was worried that the performers might be offended that the movie’s characters took mind-altering substances before seeing their acrobatic work of art. But it turns out, Rogen was actually stealing a page from the Cirque playbook.

“We had to ask the Cirque du Soleil people, ‘Can we use your show [in the movie]?’ And we were nervous because we’re going to be on mushrooms in it. And we were talking to the guy who owns and created the Cirque du Soleil, and he was like, ‘How do you think we come up with this stuff?'”

There you have it: great minds trip alike. 


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