Some federal reform headlines a week after introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act


My Google and Twitter feeds have not been buzzing about the release last week of the discussion draft of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, and that has lead me to think nobody is too excited about its particulars. That said, it is still an important bill-in-development, and I thought it worthwhile to round up some of the reactions and commentary I have seen in response:

From The American Prospect, “High Hurdles for Commonsense Cannabis Reform: The plan unveiled by the Senate majority leader is doomed to languish despite massive public support for legalization.”

From Bloomberg, “U.S. Pot Legalization Bill Gets a Frosty Reception

From Daily Breeze (editorial), “Latest federal marijuana bill a total dud

From Fox Business, “Democrats’ marijuana legalization bill leaves Canopy Growth CEO optimistic

From Politico, “Amazon endorsed legal weed. Will it now fight to make it happen?


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