Star Signs + Strains: April 2019 Horoscopes


Everything’s coming up retro … grade! Three planets are stationed retrograde this month, namely Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. We are being asked to slow down and spring clean so we can enter the second half of the year with greater power.

The theme for April is: Back to the Future.

Jupiter rules our belief systems and the ways we interact with the world around us. Pluto’s energy is transformative and consuming and has a lot to do with shadow work. Saturn rules responsibility, hard work, and commitment.

The New Moon in Aries on April 5th can help you burn through outdated ways of being. Rebirth vibes come along with the Full Moon in Libra on April 19th when balance and energy are restored. The Aries energy is strong this month as Mercury (which is now direct again), Venus, and the Sun all spend some time in its fiery embrace before we enter Taurus at the end of the month.

Use this metamorphosing energy to clean house so you can move into May with ease.

Find a dispensary nearby, astro babes.


Happy Birthday, firecracker! Everything’s coming up Aries as the Sun, the New Moon, Mercury, and Venus all take a trip through your blazing corridors this month. The New Moon in your sign on April 5th starts things off with an opportunity for you to release old ways of being and get clear on how it is you want to project yourself to others.

Doing this work now will allow for your self-expression and relationship energy to fire up, especially around the middle of the month when your Venus-amplified magnetic pull could attract a steamy twin-flame connection. If you can let the Sun’s light illuminate your best assets, you’ll be in for one hot summer of L-O-V-E.

April Strain: Venus magic? Steamy twin-flame connections? And all you have to do is let it happen to you? Suppress your inherent “ram through it” nature and enjoy that illuminating sunlight.

There couldn’t be a more apt recommendation this month than sweet and earthy indica Green Love Potion. Euphoric, uplifted, happy, and relaxed (along with tingles) is a sensational way to spend a month celebrating yourself.

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The Sun enters your sign on April 20th and there’s a Full Moon in fellow Venusian Libra on April 19th. The combination of these energies means excellent things for your sense of physical and emotional well-being.

This second Full Moon in Libra in less than a month is a gift from the universe as Uranus has been asking you to make some big changes, many of which have been forcing you outside your comfort zone.

Since Uranus is going to stay here for the next six years, take this as mercy and ask for support where you need it. The Universe gives to those who are ready to receive so know what you want and don’t be afraid to go for it.

April Strain: The cosmos dictates that you must stay chill and perceptive to reap its rewards this month. Libra is gifting you twice, lucky bull. You deserve a treat.

Cherry Sherbert is as tasty as its name implies—a hybrid with notes of sweetness and berry along with floral notes that will make you relaxed, giggly, and happy. Charge on!

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Mars entered your sign on March 31st, and it will stay here through May 15th. Expect to be pulled in many different directions this month, with lots of shifts and abrupt transitions. Your quick mind and insatiable desire for change will serve you well under this energy, and you could find yourself making big strides in situations that require flexibility, innovation, and sweet-talk.

The Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra on April 19th is going to give you a much-needed boost of balance amid the chaos. Remember to breathe and care for yourself, and you’ll be golden this month.

April Strain: Hug a Libra this month. Both of you. Their sweet, balanced energy can really ground you and help you focus on you. After hugging it out with your level Libra buddy, return the favor in smokable form.

Blue Magic is as special as it sounds. A super sativa, with a complexly delightful palate of citrus, lemon, and blueberry, its energizing effects include euphoria, focus, happiness … and hunger. Lucky for you, Libras love cake.

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With Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all retrograde, you will find yourself out of sorts and in your feelings this month. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is certainly more revealing and uncomfortable than you’d prefer. All that Aries energy moving through the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the New Moon isn’t helping either.

Our advice? Surrender to the flow, even if it seems daunting. Dreamy Taurus season is right around the corner and the waves will subside before you know it. You’ve got a life raft in the Full Moon in Libra on April 19th. Its soothing and nurturing energy can help you make it to the other side.

April Strain: That’s a whole lot of retrograde, Cancer. But before you surrender to a month in your rather ill-fitting crabby pants, remember the Libra Full Moon is on its way and wants nothing more than loose waistbands and the comfiest fabrics for you this month.

Opals are Libra’s power stone and it seems you are cosmically directed to find some tasty, fruity smoking papers, a gram or two of indica Opal OG Kush, and let its dreamy bliss wash over you when your multiple retros are getting too rough.

Find Opal OG Kush Nearby


All the Aries energy swirling around this month is going to give you an energetic boost, and let’s face it: Your swagger could use it. The New Moon in Aries on April 5th brings with it an opportunity for you to shake off the doldrums of winter once and for all. It’s lighter an hour longer, flowers are blooming in vibrant hues, and the temps just keep on rising.

All conditions that are perfect for a spring glow up. With Venus and Mercury both moving into Aries this month your flirtation game is going to be on fire. Time for a spring fling, kitten! You’re irresistible.

April Strain: Make like the lion you are, stretch out, lay back, roll through the grass (ahem), and enjoy the warm blossoming of spring. This month you will emit a roar meant to woo. Fire OG, a woody, earthy, lemony hybrid with an hours-long buzz (that consists of a relaxed euphoria) is just the smoke to get you purring.

Find Fire OG Nearby


Your ruling planet, Mercury, finally stationed direct on March 28th, so it should be safe for you to crawl out of your storm shelter and open your mouth to speak again. However, Mercury will still be sitting in space-case Pisces for the first half of the month, so, pause when interacting with others because things could still get weird if you’re not careful.

Of course “careful” could be your middle name, so, you do you, and you’ll be just fine. Mercury moves into fiery Aries on April 17th, which means that some roadblocks you’ve been experiencing could finally clear. Giddy-up!

April Strain: Spring has sprung for you lovely virgins. It’s been an uneven few months and you’ve weathered them superbly. The cosmic boost you seek harnesses the power of the storms that have been keeping you down.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, a high-powered sativa with one of the dankiest, stickiest, stankiest aromas, lets the whole world know you’re present, you’re not afraid to get your smoke on, and most importantly, you are not f*cking around.

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The second Full Moon in your sign in less than a month, on April 19th, means big support from the universe is available to you. Your manifestation game is going to be on-point this month, especially as it relates to anything that you started working on around the full moon in March. Aim high, tightrope walker! But remember—what you think, you create, so make sure to keep those thoughts positive and goal-focused.

Your sense of fairness and perpetual desire to cultivate balance are only going to add to your chances of success this month, so harness that Full Moon luminosity and get ready to bring some big dreams into reality!

April Strain: You are at your best when all is balanced and the cosmos has finally come around. Stay focused without freaking yourself out. Mindful moderation and celebration of self will be imperative to enjoy all the fruitfulness the universe is offering up.

Juicy Fruit, a tasty hybrid much like the gum it’s named after, will appeal to your sweet tooth while helping to achieve equilibrium in your need to mentally relax yet stay uplifted and energetic.

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Your ruling planet, Pluto, stations retrograde from April 24th through October 3rd, and this transit is all about death and rebirth. Your inner mirror is looking a little cloudy and could use a good washing. It’s time to examine the three R’s—reaction, reflection, response. How are you showing up to change, transition, and the unexpected? Is your behavior serving you? What could shift in your perspective to make weathering the ups and downs of life easier for you?

If you spend some time meditating on these questions, you could shed some emotional weight and perhaps even find a deeper connection in your interpersonal relationships. It’s a win-win.

April Strain: Things may have been rough as of late, but you have been asked to partake in a journey toward self-betterment and empowerment. We suggest you take a weekend, clear your calendar, and schedule some stellar food deliveries because your task, should you use choose to accept it, involves committing to a quarter of White LSD.

Though your trip may only take you to the fridge and back, this nutty, buttery sativa with euphoric and energizing effects will improve creative thinking and releasing negative energy.

Find White LSD Nearby


Your ruling planet Saturn stations retrograde for four months on April 10th and during this time you’re going to be doing some much-needed analysis of how you relate to yourself and the world at large. Some of your personal beliefs and ways of thinking could be challenged by unexpected events or conversations. Remember, you love to question the status quo.

If you can turn that magnifying glass inward and not let fear of what may come get the best of you, you’ll be in for a big transformation. With Mercury in Pisces through April 17th, things may feel murky. Don’t let brain fog fool or derail you. You’ve got this.

April Strain: Stay golden, Archer. Though your universal tasks may seem monumental this month, the outcomes will reap rewards. To stay goal-oriented, we recommend 24k Gold, a happy, relaxing, and creative hybrid with a citrusy smoke that keeps you focused, positive, and open. Exactly the mindset to ease you through April’s showers.

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Your ruling planet, Saturn, stations retrograde on April 30th and the probing, evaluative, I-can-always-find-a-better-way-to-do-things part of your brain is going to get a workout. Which, let’s face it, you’re totally up for. For the next four and a half months this retrograde is going to help you cull the excess from your life both professionally and personally—if you lean into the spring cleaning vibes.

The danger is in resistance. Try to let go and trust that what is falling away is going to make room for the next best thing. With Saturn’s undertow you could be in for one cruel, cruel summer. Let resilience be your guide to cool, calm summer fun.

April Strain: Focus on the cool, easy, positive changes that Spring can bring and let what’s weighing you down drop like a heavy winter coat. Summer and all its healing vitamin D is almost here.

Gelato is not only as tasty and summery as its name implies, its ability to chill you out and clear out the proverbial cobwebs will assist in your emo spring clean. This hybrid comes on strong but with a “dosage approach” should assist with easing into your seasonal bloom.

Find Gelato Nearby


Saturn stations retrograde on April 30th—can you say existential crisis? This retrograde (which lasts through September 18th) will likely find you re-evaluating your career path, love life, value systems, and long-term goals. If you can think of yourself as the caterpillar entering its pre-butterfly cocoon, you’ll be set up for success.

It’s always good to take a deep, hard look at how you’ve been experiencing your life and the world around you from time to time, and that time is now. Sit with what’s working, what isn’t, and what you can dream up for the future, and you’ll be sure to get your gossamer wings.

April Strain: Metamorphosis is on the agenda this April, water babes. Allow yourself to swim in its warmth, wash away what’s no longer needed, and become excited to transform into your best self.

Sativas will generally keep you on emotional track and a strain like Strawberry Cough can make it a downright pleasurable one. Tasty, stinky, and a useful aid in reducing anxiety and stress, this strong, berry-heavy strain can quell the pains of heavy personal transformation.

Find Strawberry Cough Nearby


Venus starts the month off in your sign, where it is exalted, so expect both your romantic and platonic relationships to be feeling some extra love vibes. Mercury will also be hanging out in your sign for the first half of April, and since it stationed direct on March 28th, your communication skills and tech-savvy should be feeling themselves.

It’s a good time to tell those close to you how much they mean to you. Your messages will be well-received, and the potential for greater depth of connection is high.

April Strain: Things are truly in bloom for you this month, little fish. Swim toward your destiny by being available, open, and generous with expressions of feeling toward those who inspire it.

Lemon Thai promotes the more introspective, focused, and thoughtful sides of your nature. A chatty sativa with a delicious blend of citrus and tea flavors make this a special, creative, and memorable strain that you’ll keep in rotation.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham


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