Stoner Stereotypes, Busted


When it comes to stoner stereotypes, you probably don’t need to strain your brain to come up with a few obvious ones. They’re all over the place, and they’ve been populated by both stoners and anti-cannabis culture alike. Let’s look at some of the most common stoner stereotypes and decide if they hold any bong water — or if they’re all just fake news.

Stoner Stereotypes # 1:

This is possibly one of the most common stoner stereotypes. And yes, it’s true that certain strains of cannabis have been known to make the user sleepy, lethargic and all-around unmotivated. But the idea that all weed makes you stupid and lazy is one that’s just begging to be debunked.

Stoner Stereotypes 1 stoners are all dumb

In fact, some of the most successful businesspeople in the world indulge in a little Mary Jane now and then. And no, we don’t just mean Snoop Dog. Everybody knows he has a deep relationship with weed. Sidebar: how much would you pay to see him and Martha toke up before an episode of “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party?”

Some of the world’s most successful cannabis users include:

  • Bill Gates
  • Jay-Z
  • Michael Phelps
  • Drake
  • The Beatles
  • Steve Jobs
  • Ben and Jerry

Can you grow a world-famous ice cream empire if you’re too stupid, lazy and unmotivated from smoking weed? We think not. And when you consider all the kick-ass benefits of combining weed and exercise? We’re surprised that becoming a fitness guru isn’t on this stoner stereotypes list yet.

Stoner Stereotypes #2:

Again, we can thank pop culture for this one. How many movie or TV stoners have lived in their parents’ basement (or spent huge amounts of time there)? Two cult classics immediately come to mind including “Wayne’s World” and “That 70s Show.”

Stoner Stereotypes 2 Stoners live in their parents basement

While both Wayne and Garth were silly and loveable goofballs, they definitely had some drive. I mean, they hosted a weekly public access show in Wayne’s parents’ basement. Granted, they do encounter some challenges when a large studio wants to transform their small show into a big hit. But can we talk about the fact that these guys are sharp AF? Come on, Wayne even woos his crush Casandra by speaking Cantonese to her.

“That 70s Show” takes place primarily in the main character’s parents’ basement. Yet the show goes on for eight seasons, so it makes sense that their tea party locations would evolve as their characters did.

Stoner Stereotypes #3:

Yes, we’re gonna drop a few movie references again. The most memorable stoner sk8ter dude? Travis from “Clueless.” The funny thing is that Travis turns out to be one of the kindest characters in the whole movie. While everyone else is scheming, he’s just being lovable. Why isn’t sweet and lovable a stoner stereotype? One might argue that he also has some of the best quotes in the movie, too.

Stoner Stereotypes 3 Stoners are all skaters

Stoner Stereotypes #4:

OK, a lot of stoners listen to Phish, Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead. We’re not gonna lie. This music feels like it was made for marijuana.

Stoner Stereotypes 4 Listen to Jam bands

But that’s not all stoners listen to. Have you ever hit your vape pen before blasting some Vivaldi or Mozart? Ever eaten some edibles and jammed out to Whitney Houston for an hour-long dance sesh? If there’s one thing stoners don’t do, it’s close their minds to new genres and pigeonhole themselves.

Stoner Stereotypes #5:

Another famous stereotype is that stoners are almost always paranoid.

Stoner Stereotypes 5 paranoid

Are those guys undercover cops? Do you think the librarian knows I’m high? Are my hands always this large? For the love of god, what do I do with my hands?

Yes, paranoia is a side effect of cannabis (sometimes). That doesn’t mean that stoners are totally paranoid all the time. Since cannabis has been legalized, its quality has skyrocketed. You can now choose your own high. Meaning there’s plenty of green on the market containing THC that won’t make you want to avoid all eye contact.

Another fun fact? Your high changes as you get older. So depending on your brain chemistry, you may become more or less prone to the anxious and paranoid side effects of THC over time.

Stoner Stereotypes #6:

OK, let’s start with the obvious: stoner movies are seriously fun to watch. There’s a reason why Cheech and Chong and the Dude have become cultural icons to both stoners and non-stoners alike.

Stoner Stereotypes Only watch stoner movies

These characters are not two-dimensional. They are witty and lovable. That being said, it’s not all stoners watch when they want to chillax for a few hours. Have you ever watched “Pi” on weed? Have you ever rented Steely Mags after a few hits on your vape pen? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on the wide range of cinema that is bettered by a little cannabis.

And when a movie just won’t cut it? There’s always plenty of podcasts to listen to while high.

Stoner Stereotypes #7:

Stoners don’t only hang out with other cannabis users, nor do they only date people who also partake. Far from being a breed of their own, they’re a lot less quick to judge their non-high peers than those same straight-lacers are likely to judge them. The smoke circle is non-partisan – there’s room for both sides of the aisle.  

Stoner Stereotypes Stoners only date stoners

Although mutual appreciation for the green goddess can signal dating compatibility, there are plenty of date night activities for couples where one side is an avid user and the other doesn’t like smoking pot.

As cannabis has become more and more accepted by the general public, stereotypes have started changing. And Hollywood is catching up.

Positive cannabis stereotypes are making their ways into movie and TV mainstream. Case in point? Ilana and Abbie on “Broad City.” These two ladies have been working their ways into the hearts of viewers and spreading the word about cannabis positivity. Why don’t we see more stereotypes about how cannabis makes for extra-fun girls nights or how stoners are better at busting stress?

A few other TV shows that have more accurately portrayed cannabis to add to your Netflix and vape list? “High Maintenance” and “Disjointed.”

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