Team Building Denver-Style


6 Only-In-Denver Outings and Challenges for Teams

The mile-high city of Denver is a great place to do business. All sorts of cool companies are headquartered here, of all sizes and from nearly every industry. Whether your Denver workplace is a small startup or a corporate giant, your team could probably benefit from some Denver-style fun.

If your team has done all the basic team building activities, it’s time to look for something new and unique to Denver. You’ve fled the escape rooms, you’ve untied the human knot, you’ve fallen for the trust falls. Now do something fresh and adventurous that will boost the workplace camaraderie to an all-time high.

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Team building Denver idea #1:

Take your team on a field trip to Denver’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater for some fresh air and exercise. As one of Denver’s best-loved and most-visited attractions, it’s a must-see for everyone in the office — especially newcomers to Denver. At over 6,400 feet of altitude, your team can enjoy the sunshine and great outdoors together.

At Red Rocks, the group can take a hike around the premises, or use the 380 steps as the picture-perfect backdrop for classic teambuilding challenges like relay races, egg tosses, or any other collaboration-igniting game. The best part? It’s FREE to enter during non-concert hours (an hour before sunrise to an hour after sunset).

team building denver archery

Team building Denver idea #2:

This newcomer to the team building Denver scene is changing the game. Unleash your inner Hunger Games instincts and get primal with your coworkers while armed with a bow and (padded) arrow. The Archery Games organizers will guide your group through a series of games that range from two teams to one-on-one.

If your team building goals are to get active outside the office, get the adrenaline pumping, and have lots to laugh about afterward, then Archery Games is the place for your biz’s team building Denver event. My 420 Tours had a super-fun team night at Archery Games, so we can recommend this one firsthand.

team building denver 1up

Team building Denver idea #3:

If your office is 21+ and you all agree that the best icebreakers are pint of beer and an arcade game, then check out The 1Up Arcade Bar. The original Colfax location is a Denver landmark. Set up a tournament-style challenge for your group on the basketball arcade, the pinball machines, or the skeeball lanes. Or you can check out the LoDo location for an official Giant Jenga playing field.

For more tournament-style gameplay, you can check out Punch Bowl Social. Set up the elimination brackets for Giant Scrabble, ping pong, billiards, or venture into the private rooms for a karaoke lounge, virtual reality, or bowling. If you take your team building Denver event to 1Up or Punch Bowl Social, you’ll find something for everyone to win at.

team building denver - union station

Team building Denver idea #4:

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get to know the personality of the city and unlock its secrets during your team building Denver day out. While there are many franchise-style scavenger hunts that use the same formulas and the same clues for every city’s downtown area, there are a few locally-crafted ones that give you a much stronger sense of place.

For the Mile High City, check out Denver Inside and Out. For only $49.95 total you can get the Team Building Hunt, which is designed to bring coworkers together during an epic urban adventure. It starts at Union Station and takes your group to all the corners of Downtown Denver with 20 clues to solve in a time limit of 2 hours. Perfect for group sizes of 10 to 20 people.

team building denver - buds and beers

Team building Denver idea #5:

If you’re a newer enterprise in Denver, there’s a chance that you’re in the cannabis industry. After all, legal cannabis is big business in Denver, where there are more dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonalds combined. Whether you’re in the cannabis business or just a very open-minded workplace that likes to bond over bud, then check out a cannabis tour for your team building Denver event.

For an only-in-Denver pairing, get your team on the bus for a Buds & Beers Tour. This 3.5-hour voyage transports you from a cannabis grow facility to two dispensaries, then ends at a local brewery. It’s an inside look at two of Denver’s favorite industries in a relaxed and fun-loving atmosphere that’s highly recommended for breaking the ice. Or, for those workplaces that aren’t so 420-friendly, you could skip the bud and opt for a Denver brewery tour.

team building denver - growhaus

Team building Denver idea #6:

For the pro-social workplace, check out a volunteer opportunity at a local non-profit that’s doing good things for the community and neighborhood you call home. For us at My 420 Tours, a worthy organization is The GrowHaus in the historically marginalized Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. This awesome org recognizes the “food desert” problem that residents face and addresses it by growing fresh produce for the community in their beautiful greenhouse.

The best part about The GrowHaus is they make it super easy for businesses and organizations to plan their team building Denver volunteer day. Your group can choose from a number of projects to help out with, such as delivering food boxes or getting your hands dirty in the garden. You can join existing shifts, or work with the coordinator to plan a shift just for your team.