The DEA Wants You to Stop Calling About that Cannabis-Disposal Job


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is sick of unqualified people calling about the federal agency’s search for a contractor to destroy massive amounts of cannabis.

Recently, the DEA began looking for someone located close to the Arizona-Texas border who could destroy 1000 pounds of marijuana an hour. Since then, the DEA reports that they have received a flood of calls from regular citizens volunteering to ‘destroy’ all that cannabis for them. Now the DEA is pleading with the public to stop applying for the position unless you meet the specific qualifications for it.

The posting was intended for large-scale commercial operations, so successful applicants must pass a number of strict criteria before they can be given the contract.

“Although we appreciate local citizens’ willingness to offer their help, this is a complicated, large-scale government contract we’re required by law to bid every few years, and there are usually only a handful of companies with the necessary facilities and resources to help us dispose of this material,” the DEA told KHOU 11.

In other words, they aren’t looking for someone who thinks the job will give them a lifetime supply of free weed. But that hasn’t stopped enthusiastic cannabis consumers from trying, even though the deadline to apply for the contract closed on March 25. So, if by chance you actually do run a qualifying facility, you’ve missed your chance to get in on this particular government contract anyway.

h/t: Marijuana Moment


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