The Different Ways to Consume CBD


But, as a newcomer, it can be difficult to know where to start. With a quick Google search, you’re going try a whole array of different consumption options.

The purpose of this blog is to help with this decision. We’re going to review the most common consumption options available.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to consume CBD is through a capsule (or pill). If you plan on (or already are) using CBD on a strict schedule, a capsule is the best way to go.

It’ll allow you to control the exact dosage you receive at any given time and is easily concealable if you need to take it out in public. Furthermore, CBD capsules will hit you faster than other consumption methods due to the way the cannabinoid breaks down in the liver.

If you decide to purchase a capsule, it’s extremely important you take note of proper storage methods. You’ll want to avoid exposing your CBD to heat as this will diminish the quality and leave you with a bitter tasting product.The ideal storage for CBD is in a room temperature environment away from light, such as a kitchen pantry or a bathroom medicine cabinet.

The variety of CBD edibles almost seems endless. From gummy bears to honey sticks to sauces, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to edibles.This is a great option for those who love to cook and want to get creative with the CBD consumption. Many have taken it upon themselves to mix cannabidiol with other natural alternatives to create a delicious, nutritious meal or snack.

Admittedly, CBD doesn’t have the best taste in the world. The edible products already on the market (such as CBD gummy bears) attempt to take this taste away with a variety of different flavors.

Keeping that in mind, if you do decide to cook with CBD, it’s important to understand you don’t want to heat it up. As we mentioned with storing cannabidiol, if it’s exposed to heat for too long (or exposed to high levels of heat), then all the therapeutic benefits the cannabinoid is known for evaporate.

CBD oils and tinctures (or sublinguals) are without a doubt one of the most popular consumption methods currently on the market. It’s a discrete way to consume cannabidiol and usually mixed with flavors to create a better tasting sensation.CBD oils are taken through a dropper you place on your tongue. From there, you’ll feel the effects within about 30 minutes.Though it’s not the quickest way to feel CBD’s effects, it is without a doubt the most reliable.

By using a dropper to consume, you’re allowing yourself to measure out exactly how much cannabidiol you want with each consumption.If you’re concerned about how quickly the CBD hits you, a bit of a tip is to drop the oil under your tongue. The capillaries under your tongue will absorb it quicker and allow it to move through your bloodstream faster.

Topicals (Lotions and Creams)Many people turn to cannabidiol for physical pain, such as muscle or joint sores. In these cases, topicals are the most ideal consumption method.A topic is a cream or lotion that can directly send the CBD to a specific area of the body. In turn, this makes the CBD an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.The market is currently getting creative and producing specific products for specific issues. For example, some CBD lotions seek to target arthritis while others look to manage acne.If you are facing a specific issue, it may help to look around for a product that’s designed for your needs.

Vaping CBD (or smoking hemp buds) isn’t the most popular form of consumption but reaches out to a unique market. Unlike marijuana, cannabidiol has attracted people of all walks of life to treat them for various illnesses.

Still, being that CBD is a cannabinoid of the cannabis plant, many marijuana users too would like to benefit from its properties. Smoking CBD in hemp cigarettes or vaping CBD e-liquid seems to primarily reach out to these people and remains a great way to consume. The only downside is it becomes more difficult to measure out how much cannabidiol you consume.

If you’re a cigarette smoker and have wanted to quit, CBD may be able to help. Some prior cigarette smokers have reported that hemp cigarettes have taken them off nicotine. Unfortunately, there are no studies to confirm this as of this time.

Written and Published By Paul James In Weed World Magazine Issue 143


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