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Olivia and Alice decided to become partners offering luxury cannabis with a brand called Kush Queen. The decision to go into the CBD market by a company that offers women’s wear was due in part because of their decision to launch a collection of cosmetics they are offering that is produced by Maybelline in New York. The brand wants to expand its commitment to offering self-care and beauty products.

The founders Alice and Olivia along with their CEO Stacey Bendet all use CBD products personally and have for a couple of years. Through their use of those products, they came across Kush Queen. They all thought that the brands could align and allow women to achieve wellness. That is how things began.

The CEO said that there are opportunities for women to realize the benefits of health and wellness for there physical and mental states and CBD is a part of that. They see themselves as a major player in the development of the market for those products and on behalf of their customers. Stacy goes on to explain that she loves the collaboration between the brands and companies especially because they are products that she personally likes to use.

Olivia And Alice

According to the CEO of Kush Queen, she said that people need to determine exactly why they are deciding to go into the space. It shouldn’t be just going into it because of all the current noise being made about it but rather because they are passionate about the benefits of the plant. It should be about how it has improved your life and the life of others. These thoughts come from the founder of Kush Queen and its current CEO.

Olivia feels that it’s about authenticity. As a woman with her own unique perspectives, she doesn’t follow the trends but rather seeks to set them. Playing a part in this collaboration she believes is an excellent example of how to go into a new category and remain authentic to one’s self. Because Stacy uses CBD herself, she feels she has a firm understanding of how this tool can be used by her audience for their own personal wellness.

Kush Queen

This company started in 2015 and quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar company offering CBD and THC infused products that are marketed and distributed by 750 different retail accounts across the world. One of these accounts includes Urban Outfitters. The Collection offered through the collaboration of Kush Queen and Alice and Olivia include three different products. One is a 150 mg body lotion, another is 100 mg bath bomb, and finally, there is 150 mg bubble bath. The Prices range between $25 to $50. The products are scented lightly with lavender to provide greater relaxation.

The bath bomb has vetiver which helps improve circulation and aides nerves. It also has sandalwood that helps someone achieve better mental clarity. CBD is a product known to help reduce inflammation which often causes problems such as anxiety, fatigue, as well as aches and pains.

Bath Bomb

Bendent who is a lifelong Yogi and who loves the benefits of CBD oils, as well as lotions for the occasional muscle soreness and pain as well as for massages, says she enjoys using it on her feet before she puts on her high heels. She continues by saying that it’s part of her regular routine. She also uses the oil at night to help her sleep. She hasn’t ever used cannabis with THC and isn’t sure if she will try it in the future or not.

Alice and Olivia were introduced to the industry with CBD products exclusively. They feel there is more for them to explore with cannabis. They say that they have some great ideas already in the pipeline.

Cannabis As Part Of A Person’s Lifestyle

The line that they are producing with Kush Queen will be available on September 1st in 23 different stores. It will also be online at kushqueen.shop. This brand is a favorite in Hollywood with celebrities like Amal Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gigi Hadid. It is already available in 800 different stores around the world including places such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Net-a-Porter.

Because the industry as a whole is still overwhelmed by many misconceptions and people’s prejudice, it results in retailers finding it sometimes difficult to complete their transactions of cannabis. Some of the businesses and distributors are prohibited from dealing with banks by federal legislation. This means that even though there are 33 states that have legalized the consumption of cannabis in the United States there are still a great many businesses that find it difficult making financial transactions.

This has caused businesses to take a number of measures for keeping their cash. Some have kept it in ordinary duffle bags while others have buried the cash. This makes those businesses vulnerable to being ripped off or robbed. There are now opportunities to store money while avoiding banking issues. This may help those businesses in the near future.

Cryptocurrency And CBD

Some think of the movie Blade Runner when they speak of cryptocurrency. From some people’s point of view, that means cryptocurrency is a good thing. It is a currency that operates peer-to-peer and helps decentralized traditional banking. A few decades ago the idea of cryptocurrency might have seemed outlandish. Now, however, there are different types of these currencies showing their face regularly.

Legalization Claims Made By Group

Cannabis and cryptocurrency are often seen as being at least somewhat outside of the mainstream legal system. Even so, they are often found united in providing their respective services. There are some cryptocurrencies that are cannabis-specific such as dopecoin and potcoin. There is even cannabis coin. Their names are very self-explanatory.

Radiolab has a podcast about cryptocurrency and some current paranoia that is sometimes caused by it. Some say the podcast is awesome.

Does Cryptocurrency Have The Ability To Last?

There are quite a few businesses that are reluctant to use this currency because of its current instability. The fears are not totally unfounded. Cryptocurrency at this time is often volatile and its value can fluctuate considerably even in a single day. This has made retailers hesitant and those that take the plunge feel they have to be vigilant and this means they are only able to offer some products for a period of time. They do this to keep from losing a lot of money.


Many of the cryptocurrencies coming available lack the power of Bitcoin. There are examples of this type of currency that have suddenly disappeared. Some of them even have taken down their websites. Business is also worried about the fact that cryptocurrency allows for total anonymity. Customers like it because they’re able to purchase this product that is often criticized by others. This means that there are advantages and disadvantages to using this type of currency when selling cannabis and only after enough time passes will we know how well it works.

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The UFC has partnered with Aurora Cannabis to do some research that could benefit professional fighters. The aim is to allow them to use products that are derived from hemp. These will be tailored for specific medical needs.

Medical Care For Athletes Using CBD

Having a professional sports organization partner with a company that markets cannabis is the first-of-its-kind. The president of UFC Dana White is saying that it’s the future. These products will be used in medical care for the athletes.

The Science Of CBD

The science of this product is something that is strongly believed in. It is further thought that it will offer tremendous health benefits and add to the safety of athletes. This is something that the UFC president said to reporters recently.

Over the next 8 years, a great deal of research will be done. That research will include a significant number of athletes in mixed martial arts. It will be done under the UFC Banner. The study will put its focus on common ailments that fighters are plagued with. These types of ailments include inflammation, pain, anxiety, and sleep problems. The study will look at how CBD products can offer fighters relief.

This Is Considered To Be Groundbreaking Research That Will Benefit Humanity As Much As Sports

This research is considered to benefit not just the athletes in the UFC but Humanity as a whole. Aurora’s CEO Terry Booth is quoted as saying that his company has partnered with UFC so that they can bring a line of treatment that is fully certified for athletes but that could also help anyone who has anxiety or pain. The athletes in the UFC are perfect patients because their issues are fairly consistent and they are very athletic.

Mixed Martial Arts

The fighters are in the best shape of their life. Their sport requires them to fight, to train, and then to recover. The hope is that the research will help to bring about the development of a product that is topical and has CBD that will help those athletes. It is hoped that the research will bring this product to life. The goal is to have a product produced and brought to market within six months. The hope is that this highly researched product will be able to stand up to those who say that it is untested.

The research will be done in Nevada at the headquarters of UFC. Aurora Cannabis already has 40 clinical trials where they are looking at the effects of cannabis and hemp on the patients. This is a great chance to make forward progress in the science of CBD products and how they can help athletes.


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Ultra Premium CBD Oil / THC FREE / 100% Organic / USA Grown - Visit SwellCBD.com