The Uplift | April: An Energetic New Moon


Aries (March 20 – April 20)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

Birthday seasons are a time of fresh starts, especially for you, Aries. April starts off with an energetic New Moon on the 5th to help you focus on who you are and where you’re going next. With your ruling planet Mars chatting and multitasking in Gemini you may find yourself determined to communicate assertively and take action on your ideas. Just take your time, Ram. April is a month of retrogrades as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all turn around to help you reflect on the big picture. Meditate on how your changing values, philosophies and career goals will impact your next steps in life.

By mid-month, Mercury in Aries and the Full Moon will push you to speak up on your behalf within your relationships. Stay open to the feedback that you receive from your partners, Ram. Although you may prefer to conquer your ambitions on your own, having another point of view can help you to sidestep blind spots that can trip you up down the line. By the time the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th, you’ll have gained enough clarity about yourself and what you want to start investing time and energy into building your money up so that you can make things happen.

Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

You’re about to step out onto the scene with Uranus the planet of change on your side for the next eight years, so decide in what ways you’d like to see yourself evolve and break out of your tried and true patterns. Imagine it this way: just because you’ve taken the same way to work forever, doesn’t mean that there aren’t more thrilling side streets with better views just waiting for you to take a random left turn so that you may enjoy the unexpected. The New Moon on the 5th wants to you take a back seat so that you can rest and reflect on your next steps going forward. Journal, meditate and enjoy extra down time so that by the time your birthday season comes around on the 20th you’ll be feeling ready to break new ground.

Use the retrogrades of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto to reflect on how you’re using your various passions to expand and explore the larger world around you. If you’ve been feeling stifled this is the time to explore why that may be, and what minor and major changes may be necessary for you to feel like you’re heading on the right path. The Full Moon on the 19th wants you to get organized and consider tossing out clutter you’ve been hanging on to for too long. Construct a new routine for yourself that leaves you feeling healthy and focused enough to get through your tasks and long terms goals with a song.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

April wants you to get in where you fit in, Gemini. The New Moon on the 5th will be lighting up your House of Hopes and Wishes and asking you what you want to see come to life in the future. Where do you belong? Who are your people? Who will be there with you when your wishes come true? Do you even have a wish worth working on? You could find that you’re more willing to let old hopes die as new ones come in so embrace them and feel confident that you have the drive and leadership this month to make them come true. April’s retrograde season wants you to consider the people that you’ve been partnering with and whether or not they’re on the same page as you and your passions. How well are you able to merge your energy and resources with others in order to get what both want? The Full Moon on the 20th will focus on the current balance you have between working creatively on your own and with the group. Watch out for where you’re falling into the background versus standing in the spotlight. Are you the type to never take credit or the one who claims creative genius to the exclusion of everyone else? If you find yourself burnt out from your social calendar, know that the Sun in Taurus on the 20th will call you to take a break from the world at large so that you can meditate, reflect and recharge your batteries ahead of your birthday season.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

April is a month to be seen, Cancer. The New Moon on the 5th will be bringing in a new story around your career ambitions and how your reputation precedes you. Ladder climbing can be seductive when we feel a boost propelling us higher, so take care that you’re not overtaken by the urge to take part in unscrupulous activities in order to make your mark, as they can have lasting consequences if they’re out of integrity. As the planets begin their retrograde, think about how you can revise your routines, improve your general health and energy so that you have enough to go around for your one-on-one relationships, family life and your career. It’s a lot to balance so be kind when you find yourself juggling it all at once. The Full Moon on the 19th will be highlighting the dynamic between your career advancements and your home life and whether or not a healthy balance exists there. If you’ve been hiding in the safety of your bed, you’ll likely get the push to start making moves on all those schemes you’ve been quietly nurturing, while if you’ve been burning the midnight oil on your ventures this is a good time to put your feet up for a bit so that you can replenish your reserves before heading back to do more work. When Taurus season begins on the 20th do your best to get out and socialize with likeminded people and into activities that bring you happiness, Crab. Remind yourself that life is for living and enjoying and not just about the responsibilities we have to take care of.

Leo (July 22 – August 23)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

April opens up with you wondering what’s next, Leo. If you’ve been feeling bored, uninspired or restless, let the New Moon on the 5th draw you out into the world. Pick up new books, watch documentaries, meet new people or book a ticket to a foreign destination that you’ve always wanted to explore as a way reconnect to your own fire again. As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto slow down to retrograde, they’ll be asking you to reflect on what you’re currently creating in your life and whether or not you have the work ethic and focus to see it come to life. If what you’re doing doesn’t thrill you, why are you doing it? And if you’re looking for a change of pace what do you have in your toolbox to help you make it happen? Firstly, you have to get out of the house and amongst people and organizations that want to do the work as much as you do. Socialize, mingle, go out to the post-work event, or find ways to be around people who share your interests and want to lend their support so that you can see your wishes come true. The Full Moon on the 19th wants you to get into the habit of speaking up, bombarding you with phone calls, texts and emails so do your best to stay on top of your inbox replies and keep up with your calendar.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

Although conquering career goals and ambitions may be at the top of your to-do list, Virgo, try to make time to get a handle of your finances. The New Moon on the 5th will be lighting up your credits and debits and showing you where you’ll need to be more efficient with your spending. If you have any outstanding debts, set an intention to pay them off, and if you’re in the market for a loan for a new project, consider your options carefully so that you don’t find yourself regretting your decision later on. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde journeys starting this month want you to look at how your inner strength, home life and creative impulses have been shaping your life. Are you using these parts of your life to the best of your abilities and allowing them to fuel your passions or are you holding yourself back? Use the Full Moon on the 19th to meditate on your feelings of worthiness and how the abundance or lack thereof has been guiding your decisions. Spend a little money on yourself without breaking the bank as a kind gesture and a reminder of all that you’ve managed to accomplish so far and that you can create all the stability and abundance you desire with a little push.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

April is all about handling your relationships, Libra. The New Moon on the 5th will offer you an opportunity to either begin new partnerships or end old ones that no longer have any appeal to you. Whether your bonds are romantic, platonic or even business oriented, try your best to assert yourself and maintain your boundaries when dealing with others. There can be a tendency to go along to get along, when you need to draw lines in the sand. This is a big deal for you, Libra, as this is the first time in eight years that you haven’t had Uranus, the planet of sudden change, electrifying your one on one dynamics. Remember that you’re just as driven, innovative and visionary as the people you collaborate with so don’t sell yourself short. The Full Moon on the 19th will help you to see where you need to do the balance and work between you and others. Watch out for where you are giving your power and talents away in order to be accepted. By the time the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th, you’ll be feeling more prepared to transform the patterns in the parts of your life where you feel powerless and unsatisfied. Speak with your chest, Libra, someone is bound to hear you.

Scorpio (October 22 – November 22)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

Your creative potential can shine this month, Scorpio, but it’s going to take a little effort on your part to make it happen. The New Moon in the 5th wants you to construct new routines and habits that get you out the door and as productive as possible so that your best laid plans can start to come into fruition. Keep a running to-do list of all the tasks necessary to see your goals come to life and stick with it. The retrogrades this month want you to focus on your finances, values and thinking that may be contributing or potentially undermining your progress. Ask yourself why are you putting in this effort in and to what end? Your ruling planet Mars will be helping you to turn hay into gold by showing you that even the most drab situations can be transformed for the better if you’re willing and patient. The Full Moon on the 19th wants you to take a step back so that you can dream and sit with some of your more unconscious drives so that you feel like all parts of yourself are on board with your next steps. Do this self-reflection now, so that by the time Taurus season begins on the 20th and lights up your one on one relationships you’ll be eager to play and collaborate with others who want to build with you.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

Spring arrives with a New Moon urging you to get back into your groove, Centaur. Ask yourself what you would like to create this month and start to dabble in your craft for the joy that it brings. Know that creativity isn’t limited to the arts, but extends out to any project that requires your visionary imagination. See the value in having fun, being playful and falling in love, adding fire and fresh energy to other parts of your life. Keep this energy going as your ruling planet Jupiter turns around to retrace his steps on the 10th while asking you just how open you are to your own possibilities. Are you playing larger than life or are you playing small? Are you promising more than you can give or are you doubting your greatness? Rely less on luck and more on faith that your experience and talents speak for themselves. If you don’t believe it trust that your partners will be close at hand pushing you to be assertive, confident and action oriented instead of just lost in thought. Don’t worry, if your vision seems too big to handle, the Sun moving into Taurus on the 20th will help you get organized and in a state of mind to break down your dream into tiny achievable parts that even you can manage.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

Perhaps it’s time to take a break, Capricorn. After a busy and thrilling winter, let Aries season offer you a chance to catch your breath at home. The New Moon on the 5th will be charging up your House of Home and Family and directing you to spend more time in the place that makes you feel safe and secure. If there are any home renovation projects or when just updating the energy with a thorough spring clean can do wonders to improve your mood. April begins a period in time where you’ll have to have faith not only in yourself, but in the unseen as well. Trust that whatever is entering and leaving your life during this month is for the best and isn’t a negative reflection of you. With Saturn and Pluto going retrograde in your sign this month, you could lean towards pessimism, self-doubt and controlling behaviors that leave you feeling defeated. Take a step back, Seagoat and appreciate what you have built so far. The Full Moon on the 19th will be highlighting just how much you’ve accomplished in life so loosen up and accept it for better or for worse. The beginning of Taurus Season on the 20th will help you feel more playful, creative and flirtatious so do your best to step away from your responsibilities long enough to enjoy the sweeter parts of your life.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

Time to jot down some notes and organize your thoughts, Water Bearer. April starts off with an energetic New Moon on the 5th, that wants you to get into the groove of chatting, emailing, texting and getting around the neighborhood to socialize and get your mind engaged with the world once more. Those tasks you’ve been putting off forever should be suddenly a lot easier to do as your mind buzzes with information and the desire to be productive. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde will help you to reconsider your long term hopes and dreams for the future and whether or not you’re letting unconscious fears and doubts hold up your progress on getting things done. The Full Moon on the 19th wants you to look beyond your immediate backyard for inspiration, Aquarius. Perhaps your fears are based in a lack of information that can only be resolved through research or stepping outside of your comfort zone to prove that you’re more than capable to understand the big picture and how it relates back to you and what you’d like to do in your life. The Sun’s movement into Taurus on the 20th will draw back home to synthesize what you’ve been learning and how you can use your newfound wisdom to provide you with comfort and a sense of rootedness going forward.

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

The Uplift | February: Drafting Your Life

April is a month to get your money and value systems in order, Pisces. The New Moon on the 5th will draw your focus towards your income, finances and just how worthy you feel overall. If your self-confidence has been wavering due to feeling unfocused about your life this is the time to find your inner warrior who says to hell with that! Throw yourself into the art of self-investment, (i.e.; spend a little money on yourself). Indulge in what brings you pleasure and see how that motivates you to make financial decisions that can increase that in your life. This is perfect timing as the retrogrades of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto this month ask you to reflect on your ambitions and your long term wishes for the future.

If you feel like you’ve missed your chance to achieve career and reputation goals, fear not, the heavens are giving you another chance to take a leap of faith, but you need to be clear about where you’re leaping to and how it will get you closer to your vision of the future. That being said the Full Moon on the 20th will help you along by nudging you to let go of the baggage that’s keeping you from getting what you desire.


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