The Volcano Hybrid


After series of images have popped up with the hit of rumors, we’ve kept and extra close eye on Volcano Hybrid from the ever famous Storz And Bickel. And now, we’ve finally gotten a proper chance to conduct an interview with a highly professional representative from the German team. Our interview featured an exclusive interview on the state-of-the-art new and upcoming vaporizer. And the inside scoop tells us that its release will be sooner than any of us ever expected.

Volcano Hybrid New Touch Display And buttons

Volcano Hybrid: The Basics

The state-of-the-art Volcano Hybrid vaporizer has been set to launch on the 28th of June for all of the European nation to enjoy first hand. And we’re personally excited as we begin to stock up on the Hybrid as we get ready for sales that are going to be as close to the official launch day as possible. When this fancy new gadget hits the shelves, they will be selling for roughly $699.

And it will be going for $100 more than the old Digit. However, with a new product launch on the way, Storz And Bickel will no longer be producing any more of the Volcano Digit. So, be sure to keep your own eye out as we continue to provide updates as to when we’ll have the Volcano Hybrid for sale.

Now that we’ve finally gotten that out of the way, we can now finally discuss the answers to some questions that plagued the online world about Storz And Bickel.

Whip It Up

As you already know, the previous Volcano models readily used a pump only, and while that was fine for bags, the Hybrid now allows its users to attach a rotating whip that can be used for direct draws. This is a huge improvement since you’re now allowed to take in as much vapor as you want. And you’ll be able to experience the same cooling effect and great taste you’re used to experiencing with the legends of Storz And Bickel.

In addition, some internal changes we made in order to facilitate the whip. And the Hybrid was said to have much more conduction. At this point, we’re not able to comment further on if there actually are changes in the vapor. So, we’re looking forward to getting a testing unit, but thus far the whips during the interview were unforgettable.

Volcano Hybrid Whip Attachment

Keeping It current

In order to keep up with the trends, not much was changed. But keep in mind that once something is truly successful, it doesn’t need a fancy remake, it just needs a simple update. And that’s what you get with the Volcano because the look is close to the original with a couple addon’s to modernize the overall feel. Storz And Bickel moved out of the typical switches and buttons to a much more touch-sensitive sleeker control system.

And they even ramped up the design with a state-of-the-art customizable Bluetooth app. But get this, all you need is simply two minutes before you’re fully heated and ready to go. And we all know this is a huge improvement from your average six or even three-minute wait like before.

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Bluetooth Controls

Even though there were a couple minor cosmetic changes, under the hood of the Hybrid there were plenty changes. And yes, these are the changes that you’d want to get excited about. And with the added Bluetooth feature, you’ll now be able to fully control the Volcano with your smartphone. You’ll be able to make changes to your temperature on the fly or even during a session.

Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber

The Hybrid comes with an all new filling chamber that allows its users to use some of the same accessories they already had. The redesigned filling chamber supports your old bag but you’ll need to purchase a new one to enjoy the dosing capsules from Storz And Bickel. And due to the design, all you’ll need to do is simply buy a new chamber to enjoy a whole new world of features.

Coming Soon

This post will personally be updated as soon as we have more information closer to the official launch of the Volcano Hybrid. And there’s also going to be info on how to pre-order the best and the greatest from Storz And Bickel. Additionally, even though the Volcano Digit is no longer being produced, Storz And Bickel have done a kind favor and will still be producing accessories; be sure to act fast before it’s all gone. And don’t forget to keep another eye out for other exciting things to come from Storz And Bickel beside just the Volcano!


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