These Companies are Changing What it Means to be a Traditional Cannabis Company in the Marijuana Stock Market


The marijuana industry of recent has quickly become dominated by companies that are changing the way the market works overall. While not all companies are putting forth this level of innovation, it seems like the ones that are, are finding new successes in the space. In this sense, the market cap is less of an issue considering the new products and new methods that companies are putting forward to find success in the budding marijuana market.

Global Consortium (GCGX) is a cannabis investment firm that has been working in several sectors of the market to date. The company works with their various subsidiaries to do everything from produce edibles to building out new facilities never before been tried in the industry. Led by executives who have a large amount of combined experience in the market, the company has caught a lot of attention in the past year or so.

In recent news, Global Consortium stated that they have been working on completing their latest project. This project, known as the Cannabis Mall, is the first of its kind in the industry. Recently, they announced that through an amendment filed with the city, they have stated that they are adding a testing facility into the cannabis mall. Testing has become a huge part of the production of cannabis due to the need for potency information and the like.

Currently, the Cannabis Mall is going through the process of receiving a power upgrade. In order to power all of the various heavy machinery needed for all of the work being done in the mall, they need a few licenses that will effectively give them access to more power in the space. The goal is that the facility will be complete in the next 6-8 weeks which is quite a quick turnaround time for the company.

In regard to the Cannabis Mall, it will house everything from manufacturing, distribution, delivery, retail, testing, and cultivation. All of this will take place under one 64,000 square foot roof. According to one report, the Mall will also house the largest manufacturing facility of THC and CBD distillate and edibles operational within the whole of the U.S. This is also quite a feat, and many investors are excited to see where the company can go in the coming months.

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) is in no way a small company, which should help to give investors some context for them. The company operates as an REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust which simply means that they own and operate various facilities throughout the U.S. that they then can lease out to those who wish to grow from the space.

Innovative Industrial Properties reported a year over year growth rate of 110% which is quite substantial. Additionally, they also pay a dividend with a very solid 2% yield. Given that they operate as an REIT, they are required to pay most of their profits back to investors. All in all, they should continue to be watched as the marijuana industry continues to grow in the coming future.

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