TOTALLY new to marijuana and seeking advice about edibles (that i already bought)


So I am utterly new to weed, all things considered. I've smoked it before for fun but I have no tolerance for inhaling smoke. I've had edibles, recreationally, a very very few times and they didn't have much effect.

Tonight I bought edibles from a local business. I have pretty bad nerve pain in my feet and hands (diabetus related) and I take a prescription for it which I hate hate hate.

Some of the cookies I bought have "50mg together" – presumably 25mg each? The others "45 to 55 mg" but they don't say "together" and there's two in each pack, so I assume that means per cookie?

I'm just wondering how I should go about this. Maybe eat one chocolate chip, see how I feel – how long to I wait before I eat another one?

Sorry I'm just truly clueless as can be and looking for guidance. <3

Oh also – I guess I've read that it takes about an hour to feel the effects on an empty stomach. Will drinking beverages (non alchoholic) lessen the 'high'?

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