True OGs: Sunshine Johnston on Humboldt Cannabis Nostalgia


In True OGs, veteran cannabis journalist David Bienenstock tracks down legendary old-school growers and breeders of the outlaw era as they transition from life underground to being part of the new legal cannabis economy.

Sunshine Johnston was a free-spirited child raised by back-to-the-lander parents in the golden days of underground Humboldt County cannabis growing—just before the era of eradication task forces and helicopter raids. On their farm, it was also before the arrival of electricity and running water.

“Growing up in Humboldt County was magical and amazing, but I was also taught to be self-reliant and resourceful,” she says. “Now I’m just so happy that I get to take my knowledge about cannabis and put it out into the world. I couldn’t do that if I was still living in the shadows.”

Today, Sunshine’s company Sunboldt Grown is fully licensed to sustainably produce full sun, organically grown cannabis, including an exclusive heirloom strain called Loopy Fruit.


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