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City Trees – Las Vegas, NV

In terms of waste, cannabis isn’t exactly at the forefront of sustainability. In Nevada alone, landfills can see as much as 7,500 tons of trash in a day — and a majority of said waste does not come from locals. Tourism has long been discussed as the probable cause for excessive waste, but what are the cannabis industry’s options when there are no regulations for the safe disposal of cannabis products? In the tourist town of Las Vegas, local brand City Trees is creating their own sustainable solutions to this modern-day problem.

At the moment, a large majority of items produced from the industry are recyclable, yet used lithium-ion batteries don’t always find their way into the iconic blue bins where they belong. Disposable vapes and batteries used in vape pens are most popular with tourists, and as a result often end up in trash cans on the strip, adding potential hazardous materials to the city’s waste at an alarming rate.

In an attempt to cut down on unnecessary waste, City Trees has introduced their own battery recycling program to the Las Vegas valley. The blue vape-sized recycling bins, placed in participating business around the city, provide consumers with a safe way to dispose of their lithium-ion batteries and give back to the community. Funds from the recycled batteries are donated to the Arbor Day Foundation, an organization dedicated to planting trees. Talk about some dope wordplay, City Trees.

“We love convenience, but we love our planet much more!” – Kawehi Galuteria, City Trees account representative

Though the state-approved program began with the lithium-ion batteries, they now accept cartridges, vape heads and batteries from any brand. City Trees account representative Kawehi Galuteria explains their mad scientist approach to producing quality in the most sustainable way: “We love convenience, but we love our planet much more!”

To cut back on waste in a big way, we all have to individually do our part in creating a safer and more sustainable industry. Introduce the program to your favorite shops, make conscious choices with consumption and waste and don’t forget to spread the word! The legal market can make things simple, but we can’t allow it to make us negligent about our planet.


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