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Vision Quest Cannabis – Salida, CO

A brand-new cannabis wholesale company, Vision Quest Cannabis is based in the lovely little town of Salida, Colorado. Owned by the former owners of Nature’s Medicine — one of Salida’s most loved dispensaries — it’s a garden operated by an all-female team of knowledgeable and passionate botany specialists. While they’ve been in business since 2010, the company has recently overgone a transition that will hopefully lead to a supply of their product beyond the Salida border throughout Colorado. Though the drive from Denver was long, the team of smiling ladies and their consciously crafted cannabis made the trip beyond worth it.

Vision Quest Cannabis - Salida, COThe Place

The Vision Quest garden is nestled away in a modest warehouse just on the outskirts of downtown Salida. Something about the atmosphere of this town made me want to stay. Nothing but hundreds of acres of fields, farmlands, and a panoramic view of the mountains that cannot be described — or justified with a photo — surround the town. Their garden is pristine, and even though the warehouse is only made up of a couple of rooms, they do a good job of optimizing the space where everything from veg, flower, harvest and cure is curated by hand.

Vision Quest Cannabis - Salida, COThe Product

All Vision Quest Cannabis’ flower is thoughtfully and carefully cultivated using strictly organic methods. They produce small batch strains, which give the team them the ability to perfect each and every one. There is absolutely no automation besides the lighting. Each individual plant is inspected and watered by hand daily. I can’t remember the last time I saw a garden with so much variance and vigor. The contrast in colors alone was enough to make me swoon, let alone the range of aromas and sizes of the differing strains. A few strains that really blew me away included Iced Grapefruit, Trainwreck, Grape Ape and Super Lemon Haze. They showed us some freshly cured Grape Ape and if I hadn’t seen it for myself with my own eyes, I might have assumed that the colors were photoshopped.

Vision Quest Cannabis - Salida, CO


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