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  • Test Results: 20mg THC per gummy, 200mg THC per container | 2mg CBD per gummy, 20mg CBD per container
  • Tested By: C4 Laboratories | confidentcannabis.com
  • Instagram: @desert_extracts | @nirvanacenterdispensary
  • Website: nirvanacenter.com

Watermelon Gummies by Clean Concentrates x Nirvana Center

It’s noon when I reach for my watermelon-flavored Pucks — 10 gummies infused with 200mg of pure sativa THC distillate and 20mg CBD, excellent for daytime dosing. I admire the resealable, puck-shaped container as I select my first gummy and take a bite. I love the texture! The gelatin is firm, yet bouncy and bursts with juicy, sweet and slightly sour watermelon flavor, finishing with a subtle note of citrusy cannabis. I indulge in another gummy and wait.

About an hour later, a gentle vibration hums through my body. The sensation builds, spreading from my chest to my legs and arms, finally moving to my head and settling behind my eyes. My mood mellows as its cerebral qualities take effect, allowing me to stay focused on my responsibilities. I feel calm and relaxed (but alert!) as I go about my day, wrapped in a blissful bubble of stress-free euphoria. I resist the urge but give in and have a few more — sorry, not sorry!

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Ultra Premium CBD Oil / THC FREE / 100% Organic / USA Grown - Visit SwellCBD.com