What Are Some Real Benefits of Hemp Oil?


As our society learns to accept the positive uses of the cannabis plant, we are faced with muddied information available to the general public regarding what the real benefits of hemp-derived products like oil actually are. In this article, we’ll review some wonderful uses of the plant and how they can improve the quality of your life.

Timeless value with numerous uses

In the 17th century, Americans were actually encouraged to produce hemp-based goods. Growing at a faster rate than materials used for lumber, rope, or clothing, cannabis, and hemp plants were once seen as a normal part of agriculture. In the early half of the 1900s, the United States government shifted its position on the plant after an influx of immigrants from Mexico began sharing knowledge of the cultivation of the plant for personal uses. Despite the fact thatit was once a common material for so many useful products, it became an illegal plant for the average citizen to own or grow.

You can read the timeline of our country’s back-and-forth position on the plant on this site.

During Nixon’s time in the White House the “War On Drugs” was started and cannabis was at the top of the list because of its popularity in poorer communities. In truth, this was a scam to serve other means, but this was the beginning of a campaign to slander marijuana, cannabis, and hemp in every way possible. Since then, growing numbers of experts, as well as a surprising number of celebrities as of late, have been outspoken in their support of the plant and its incredible benefits. Unfortunately, there was already an ocean of incorrect information flooding the internet and sponsored, false studies.

The reality is that cannabis and hemp products are medicinal. It’s been seen in more and more seizure patients, that the effects of certain oils used in the middle of an episode aid in reducing the duration and severity. When compared to other pharmaceutical options, the side effects and consequences of extended use are dramatically different.

Uses for everyone from soldiers to cancer survivors

More than just soldiers coming back from life-altering tours of service, or survivors of traumatic events, sufferers of any form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can find comfort and relief from their symptoms. With vaporizers and oils, they can calm the distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that accompany their diagnosis. This gives them their freedom back to live and experience life instead of carrying fear and discomfort with them on a daily basis.

The benefits of hemp for cancer patients and survivors are other incredibly important pieces of information to know. Helping with physical pains, reducing the emotional strain caused by their situation, as well as encouraging an appetite where there may otherwise be none, cannabis and hemp oils and extracts can give back the quality of life no one should be denied.

Among some of the more common needs for hemp oils for medicinal relief are sufferers of anxiety, depression, OCD, and bipolar. Used to stop or prevent anxiety and panic attacks, as well as to ease the effects of depression, including changes in diet. If a person is wrestling with the issues that accompany OCD or the manic episodes typically associated with bipolar, they can regain reasonable focus and control with hemp oil treatments and CBD tinctures. Oils have even found their way into bath bombs, lotions even makeup, and overnight face masks.

Heamp LeafWe’re built to benefit from it

A fact that few consumers and newcomers of cannabis products is that humans are born with receptors in our bodies specifically for the compounds in cannabis, called cannabinoid receptors. Consisting of the enzymes that synthesize the endogenous cannabinoid receptors, our bodies restrict the distribution of the compounds that allow us to experience the psychoactive effects.

Something to keep in mind as you explore the online world of informative blogs, video reviews, and medical studies is that you can’t take everything you find as fact immediately. Checking sources of sites making any outlandish claim, be it bad or good, revolving around cannabis and hemp products should be a given for you. Being aware of the validity of the claims made, the quality of the products offered, and being confident in the brand or company you’re giving your business is vital to ensuring you don’t find yourself with a product that’s a dud, or worse yet, bad for you.

Sadly, as the times have shifted back and forth with the legal uses of cannabis and hemp products, we’ve been witness to many scary misuses of the unregulated plant bought and sold outside of a regulated industry. By legalizing more uses and more quantities for production and personal uses, consumers will be better protected from contaminants and mishandled oils and herbs, which is why buying from a trusted source is so important for everyone no matter the way they use hemp and CBD products.

Discerning truths from trends

For your own education on the uses and products, you can find many articles on the web that can give you lists and breakdowns, but a simple look at the medicinal herb can be found at the link below.


Don’t let misinformed people convince you of half-truths or whole lies, seek out the answers to your questions surrounding whatever uses or benefits appeal to your needs. Vet the sites you visit, source their claims, and read as many user reviews as you can find to build your understanding and confidence in the products you purchase.

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