When Will U.S. Marijuana Stocks Be Profitable?


Investing in the marijuana industry over the past two years has been quite the trip. Through March 2019, North American pot stocks were unstoppable. With tens of billions of dollars in black market sales occurring each year, investors appeared to be sold on the idea of these illicit sales steadily moving over to legal channels.

Yet over the past 18 months, most cannabis stocks have performed poorly. Wall Street and investors grew weary of the early stage hiccups and demanded results. Unfortunately for Canadian pot stocks, they haven’t been able to deliver, with many still two or three years away from any chance at full-year profitability.

However, things are a bit different in the most lucrative marijuana market in the world: the United States. While investor skepticism remains, the regulatory bottlenecks that have thus far sunk Canada aren’t present in the United States. That means some marijuana stocks are actually thriving.

The most important question is, “When can we expect U.S. marijuana stocks to be profitable?”

The answer? Sooner than you probably think.

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